Covenant Presbyterian Church – Athens, GA

Adults Virtual Ministries


Altar in the World – Book Study class January 19 at 10am via ZOOM.  An Altar in the World, Barbara Brown Taylor shares how she learned to encounter God far beyond the walls of the church. Taylor reveals meaningful ways to discover the sacred in the small things we do and see, from simple practices such as walking, working, and prayer. Something as ordinary as hanging clothes on a clothesline becomes an act  of meditation if we pay attention to what we’re doing and take time to notice the sights, smells, and sounds around us. Mark Harper will facilitate this ZOOM gathering. Please email Karen at  [email protected] to and receive your zoom invitation. (Books are $10 each) 

Covenant Social Justice Book Club begins Monday, January 25 at 7pm (and continue for 2 more sessions 2/1 and 2/8 at 7pm.) We will dive into Colson Whitehead’s 2019 novel “The Nickle Boys.” Based on true events, “The Nickle Boys” is about a reform school in Florida that operated for over 100 years and was responsible for a untold number of horrors’ for the young people committed to its care. Whitehead’s story came on the heels of an investigation by university archaeologists when they began discovering the remains of dozens of adolescent bodies. For the first week please read the prologue and chapters 1-6 (or pages 1-69) of “The Nickle Boys” by Colson Whitehead.  Contact Travis at [email protected] or Karen at [email protected] to receive your ZOOM invitation.

Wednesday afternoons beginning January 27, 2021, 4-5 p.m. “Radical Spirit” Feeling burnt-out from life, strung-out from social media, and put out by a society that always wants more from you? Beloved nun and social activist Joan Chittister, who appeared on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, offers a practical, character-building, and inspirational guide to help you take control of your emotional life and redirect your spiritual destiny. Joan Chittister, whom Publishers Weekly calls “one of the most well-known and trusted con- temporary spiritual authors,” is a rabble-rousing force of nature for social justice, and a passionate proponent of personal faith and spiritual fulfillment. Drawing on little known, ancient teachings of the saints, Sister Joan offers a practical program to help transform our thinking and rebel against our fears, judgments and insecurities. “Freedom from anxiety, worry, and tensions at home and work, comes when we give our- selves to something greater,” she argues. “We need to seek wisdom rather than simply facts, to think before speaking, and in turn create respectful communities.” With a series of twelve simple rules for healthy spiritual living, Chittister not only reminds us, but pleads with us, to develop enduring values by shifting our attention to how God wants us to live. This book will teach you how to accomplish this. Rindy Trouteaud will facilitate this ZOOM gathering, and if you’d like to purchase the book “Radical Spirit”, you may call the church office to place your order or you may buy your book from A number of price and format options are available. (Books are $10 each) At our first gathering we will look at the first two chapters of Sr. Chittister’s timely book.  Contact Rindy for your ZOOM invitation, [email protected]


Emmaus Road Class

This Sunday, January 17th at 10:00 am, Emmaus Road Sunday School Class. Each week we will watch a video (17-25 minutes long) followed by facilitated discussion. This study is based on the book, The Bible Tells Me So, by Peter Enns. This controversial Bible scholar and author of The Evolution of Adam recounts his transformative spiritual journey in which he discovers a new, more honest way to love and appreciate God’s Word. Trained as an evangelical Bible scholar, Peter Enns loved the Scriptures and shared his devotion with students as an instructor at Westminster Theological Seminary. But the further he studied the Bible, the more he found himself confronted by questions that could neither be answered within the rigid framework of his religious instruction or accepted among the conservative evangelical community. Rejecting the increasingly complicated intellectual games used by conservative Christians to “protect” the Bible, Enns was conflicted. Is this what God really requires? How could God’s plan for divine inspiration mean ignoring what is really written in the Bible? These questions eventually cost Enns his job—but they also opened a new spiritual path for him to follow. The Bible Tells Me So chronicles Enns’s spiritual odyssey, how he came to see beyond restrictive doctrine and learned to embrace God’s Word as it is actually written. As he explores questions progressive evangelical readers of Scripture commonly face yet fear voicing, Enns reveals that they are the very questions that God wants us to consider—the essence of our spiritual study.

Upper Room Class

Sunday, January 17, 9:45 – 10:45 a.m., James Malone hosts and different class members facilitate the discussion of the weekly chapter in The Present Word. If you would like to participate, please contact James at [email protected], to receive your ZOOM invitation.

Journey Class

Sunday, January 17, 9:45 – 10:45 a.m., Steve Rathbun hosts and different class volunteers facilitate discussion using Ali Nazar’s book, Five Pillars. If you would like to participate, please contact Steve at [email protected], to receive your ZOOM invitation.