To all who use the Covenant Presbyterian Church facilities, we provide the following checklist to secure the facility from illegal entry, to prevent unnecessary and wasteful use of expensive electrical energy, to communicate expectations clearly, and to encourage safe and responsible use of the buildings and grounds.

I. Policies 

A. Children are always to be supervised by an adult, inside and outside, for their safety and for the responsible care of the facilities. 

B. Food and drink in buildings:

1. Fellowship Hall and the Gathering Room are the areas for food and drink. In all other areas, food is prohibited, except on special written request and approval. 

2. Children need to be given parental oversight concerning use of food und drink. 

3. All groups serving food and drink are expected to leave the area clean, with floors swept and mopped, unless the group has made financial arrangements with the Church to have it done by the custodial staff.

4. Please No red drinks. If coffee or beverage is spilled on the carpet, please clean the spot immediately. 

C. Do not put in the trash cans any materials which can be recycled (cardboard, plastic, glass, aluminum, plastic bags). Recycle bins are in the kitchen and the outdoor trash area. The paper recycling box is in the office copy room. Trash haulers by county ordinance are required to provide recycling bins, and the Clarke County cost for trash pickup is volume based. Covenant supports our county’s recycling efforts. 

D. Leave the facility and grounds as you find them’. Chairs and tables may be rearranged, but put them back as they were. In the preschool rooms, return books and toys to their original shelf. 

E. Tobacco is allowed only outdoors but is discouraged.

II. Checklist

HEATING: Do not turn thermostats off, and do not set them above 72 degrees. Upon leaving the facility, set the thermostats back to 60 degrees

COOLING: do not turn thermostats off, and do not set them below 72 degrees. Upon leaving the facility, set the thermostats back to 80 degrees.

Keep windows and exterior doors closed if heat and air are being used. If windows or exterior doors are opened, please close them before leaving.

Turn off all lights, double-checking the restrooms. Some lights are on timers.

Empty trash into the trash containers behind Fellowship Hall. Dirty diapers must be placed in the outside trash.

Put recycled materials in bins located in the kitchen and the outdoor trash area.

Lock all doors, and return the key to the church office the next day.

Do not scotch tape or tack paper on windows or walls.

Keep your group in your designated space, and do not go into other parts of the building.

Check shoes for mud and wipe clean before entering the building.

No running or rough-housing in the building. Black marks left on the tile need to be professionally removed.

If there is a problem with the facility or if it is damaged while in use, please report it immediately to Building and Grounds Co-Chairs or to the church office.